ABA is a systematic approach to promoting meaningful, socially significant changes in the behavior of children through various principles of learning.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a systematic approach to promoting meaningful, socially significant changes in a child’s behavior through the application of various principles of learning. Through the use of evidence-based practices, ABA seeks to increase positive socially significant behaviors, while decreasing instances of challenging behaviors that may impede and disrupt a child’s ability to learn and make progress. ABA targets various skill areas, including communication skills, social skills, cognition, and adaptive skills. Throughout the course of an ABA therapy program, the ABA team will regularly record and analyze the clients performance on an ongoing basis in efforts to monitor progress and the treatment plans effectiveness.

What is ABA therapy?

ABA Therapy is based on the science of learning and behavior. It is a form of intensive therapy that utilizes the principles of learning to help improve and increase socially significant behavior.

ABA Therapy helps to :

  • Teach and develop new skills
  • Shape and strengthened acquired skills
  • Decrease instances of challenging behaviors

Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, our professional team is here to guide our clients and their families every step of the way. ABA Therapy is conducted in-home or in school settings in order for individuals to have the best chance to reach their full potential

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