Counseling Services

For those on the autism spectrum, or for their parents and siblings: we offer individual counseling.

Our counselors are passionate about providing a sense of calm and direction to parents who need help. With our team’s combined experience in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), we can tackle your personal challenges that may stem from difficulties managing developmental disease. Whether you’re interested in weekly sessions or just want someone on standby for when things get tough, everyone at the center is here for you!

Benefits of counseling include:

  • Parents will be able to learn more about autism spectrum disorder and its impact on a child
  • They’ll also receive training in parenting skills surrounding their child’s diagnosis
  • Counseling sessions are designed to help parents focus on the positives of raising an autistic child
  • Greater emotional understanding, expression, and identification will lead to better parental relationships for both parent and child
  • Learn effective coping skills

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