Autism Diagnostic Testing with Adapt Psychological Services

If your child is showing signs of autism, you are likely seeking answers to a number of questions. We at Adapt Psychological Services are here to make this process easier and faster.

Research shows that the earlier an autistic child is connected to specialized treatment, the better outcome they are likely to have later in life. A delay in diagnosis means missing out on crucial months during which your child needs to be learning important skills.

We have created a diagnostic evaluation process that is thorough and efficient, with little to no wait list. By getting started working with your child as soon as possible, we can connect them to the treatment that is ideally paired with their specific needs.

Adapt Psychological Services was created by psychologist, Dr. Madeline William.

Passionate about serving the autism community of Chicago, Dr. William’s sole focus for Adapt is the study and application of the best and latest research and methods toward this effort.

Dr. William has been practicing psychology in Chicago since receiving her doctorate in 2014 from Adler University. Throughout her career, she has worked with children, families, and adults providing therapy and evaluation services.

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