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Our ABA therapy program involves skill acquisition and behavior support. Our professional team of BCBA’s and Therapists will work closely with you and your family to identify and prioritize skill deficiencies and challenging behaviors. We address maladaptive behaviors by teaching positive alternative replacement behaviors. A functional behavior assessment is used to collect data and create a behavior intervention plan. The behavior intervention plan consists of identifying deficit skills that are the cause (antecedent) or contributing to the behavior, teaching positive replacement behaviors and promoting consistent responses to the trained replacement behavior. Parent training is a key component in our ABA therapy program.

We are dedicated in providing our parents with the tools and confidence to positively respond and modify the individual’s behavior. We also collaborate with schools and other agencies in our clients community to ensure the effectiveness and generalization of our ABA therapy programs. Strive ABA Consultants ABA therapy programs consists of:

  • Improving language deficits by identifying and implementing alternative communication methods
  • Reduce instances of challenging behaviors such as aggression, non-compliance, tantrums, etc.
  • Increase social and peer relation skills
  • Assist in teaching daily and functional living skills such as toilet training, grooming, puberty-education, feeding, etc.
  • Parent training



Keep yourself and your agency happy! At Strive ABA Consultants LLC, our friendly and experienced staff provide consulting services to help your staff learn and implement the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. This includes:

  • Ongoing behavioral consultation
  • Organizational Behavior Management
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Behavior Reduction
  • Staff Training
  • Additional Agency/Organization Education

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