Parents are always encouraged to take an active role in the treatment of their child, and Strive ABA Consultants LLC has made it easier than ever before. During each consultation or service plan our specialists will offer parent training programs that can be tailored for your family’s needs.
At Strive ABA Consultants LLC we have created a variety of parenting classes so you too can learn how best to interact with your special little one on all levels including social skills, visual schedules and lists/checklists as well as more behavioral methods such as shaping & chaining behaviors.
Our process starts by identifying “what” is causing issues for them – not what they want or need more of but rather what skill sets do we lack? Then our consultants provide parents with the resources they need to understand how these strategies work best before implementing any changes at home. We’ll spend time educating families about Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as well so if this sounds like it may be helpful then please contact us today.

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