Behavior Therapist (RBT)

Part-time or full-time Behavior Therapist (RBT)

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Provide 1:1 intervention services developed by a Behavior Analyst on ABA principles for children 18 months and older.
  • Teach individuals with special needs various skills needed in order for their optimal achievement.
  • Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, implement each client’s individualized treatment and intervention strategies by providing direct intervention and therapy services to children with autism and related disorders.
  • Work on skills like empathy, emotions, conversation, social skills, communication skills, pragmatic and self- help skills.
  • All BT’s create a fun, motivating environment to generate optimal performance for every client, they do this in order to collect data on programming targets, and provide support to parents, teachers, and caregivers.



  • Must have at least a High School Diploma or Associates degree.
  • Experience working with children or children with special needs.
  • Experience in Childcare/ Assistant Teacher, toddler teacher.
  • Valid Illinois driver’s license and car insurance. Driving is required.
  • Must pass a criminal background check (Clean DOJ/FBI record).
  • Be able to pass the TB test.
  • Must have an RBT or BCAT or be able to pass the RBT test


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